Dog Treats and Canine Health Conditions

Canine health is often high on pet owner’s list of priorities, and this shows in the dog treats they choose. There are many manufacturers who enrich their products with various ingredients that are intended to promote good health, even when a condition exists. Rather than settle for the first biscuits you find, do a little research and find a treat that is ideal for your pet’s health.

Arthritis and Joint Health

Sadly, arthritis is a common problem in many older canines. This can come about due to a number of factors, one of the most well known being obesity. Stress put on the joints over years will take it’s toll, and the result will be painful mobility during your pet’s golden years. Thankfully, there are a few companies who have created products that help alleviate the pain. It is important to note that dog treats are not a cure nor should they replace prescriptions or veterinary advice. However, they can help your pet live more comfortably.

For example, Nutri-Dog has made a uniquely shaped biscuit that is intended to promote good joint and hip health. These are made gluten-free and completely digestible. They also contain glucosamine which is known to encourage stronger, healthier joints in canines. The Nutri-Dog treats come in different sizes to accommodate various breeds. Treatco makes another similar product in its line of chicken filets. The hip and joint version includes glucosamine as well as chondroitin sulfate, which also assists with cartilage repair in the joints.

Canine Obesity

Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important in canines, and many owners assume dog treats would counter act a good diet. There are treats available that can actually assist with canine weight loss, by offering a supplement of other necessary vitamins. Products such as Treatco’s chicken filets with vitamins and minerals, provide pets with additional sources of vitamins E, B-12, A, and D. These will keep your pet energized and healthy even while working on weight reduction.

Allergies in Dogs

Another common health problem found in canines is allergies. Many dogs suffer from wheat allergies, which can pose a serious problem considering how many dog treats and foods contain wheat ingredients. Dogs with wheat allergies may show a number of symptoms, including itchiness, swelling of the ear, diarrhea, and frequent sneezing. More severe symptoms may be displayed depending on the intensity of the allergy. These include behavior changes and seizures.

Many dog treats are now made with wheat-free recipes. This allows dogs to enjoy their snacks without the allergic reaction. Some are even dual-purpose, such as the Bone-a-Mint treat made by N-Bone. These are wheat-free and also encourage fresher breath with a recipe that includes parsley, peppermint, and fennel.

Evaluate your Pet

Before settling on a specific brand of dog treats, make sure you know what is out there for your pet. Consider existing health conditions and potential high-risk problems that could arise later in life. By offering healthy snacks that work with your pet’s body, you can help prevent or slow the onset of health problems.