Why Natural Products Are Best To Treat Health Ailments

A lot of people suffer from health related problems these days and they are slowly starting to realize how important health is. They are starting to take steps to maintain their health and fitness. Taking proper care of your health includes many things from changing your eating and lifestyle habits to avoiding unhealthy foods etc. At the same time, if you suffer from any disease or problem then you also need to take medication to treat that condition.

In order to treat any ailment, you have 2 choices. Either you can opt for natural health products or choose the chemical based medications that doctors prescribe. Chemical based medicines may provide quick relief, but they can prove quite harmful in the long run. They can cause unwanted side-effects which can be difficult to get rid of. Moreover, your body might get used to such medicine and you will only feel better when you take the medications. Once you stop using them, the ailment will usually come back again.

For this reason, it is highly advisable to use natural health products for treating health conditions. Do not put your health at risk by using chemicals and antibiotics. Natural health products can treat almost any kind of health issue ranging from kidney problems, diabetes, obesity, heart problems and much more. However, it may take a little longer to start seeing results. But do not worry as your ailment is likely to get treated from the root and may eventually vanish off. You can again enjoy a healthy life without having to depend on medicines.

At the same time, you have to be a little careful here. Due to the rising interest of people in natural health products, many bogus products have come up in the market. There are many products which are labeled as ‘natural’ but contain harmful chemicals and are not made from natural ingredients. The natural health products do not require FDA approval so there is a risk here that something being sold as an all-natural product may not actually be so. For this reason, you have to stick to reputed companies and sellers while buying any natural health medicine. One way to do research is to go to big shopping portals like Amazon or eBay and check out the user reviews and feedback for a particular company’s products.

You might also consult reputed health practitioners who have expertise in alternative treatments like homeopathy, Ayurvedic or Unani medicine. These people can prescribe medicines for you after diagnosing your condition. You can feel much safer in using products they prescribe rather than just buying something on your own.

How Protozoa and Parasites Affect Koi Health and How to Treat Them

We will start by covering some of the more common types of protozoan disorders.

In Chilodonella the entire body of the fish is covered with a heavy slime coat. Treatment for Chilodonella requires the use of Metronidazole or quinine sulfate..

When Koi health is affected by Eimeria your fish appear emaciated and have sunken eyes. To treat them you must make a medicated food with either tetracycline or oxytetracycline and feed this to them once a day for 10 days.

Another common protozoal disorder is Ichtyobodo (Costia). Koi that are affected with this disorder have small areas on their bodies that have a blue-gray tinge that looks like excess mucous. Treat these fish with a fungicide/protozoacide dip/bath treatment in the water or quinine sulfate.

When ICH (Ichphyophthirius) strikes your Koi will appear to be covered in white sand or grit and some fish breathe heavily. These fish need to be treated with quinine sulfate or copper sulfate

When Koi health is affected by Heteropolaria (Episapylis), the fish can be seen flashing (Flashing is a fish behavior characterized by rapid, glancing contact with a solid object in an effort to displace an external parasite or other irritation, so called because the light colored underbelly of the fish is thus exposed to momentary view.) and rubbing on objects in the pond, even in the spring when they don’t have any visible signs of the disease. Then in the summer they develop ulcers and bacterial infections.

Usually, if you have treated your pond for parasites and your Koi are still flashing, then Heteropolaria is the cause. Treat this Koi health issue with quinine sulfate and then treat the secondary bacterial infections.

Hexamita, also known as Hole-In-The-Head Disease, is indicated when your Koi exhibit erosions on their heads and gill plates. In severe cases the disease follows the lateral line. The preferred treatment for this disease is the use of quinine sulfate.

Finally, in Trichodina, symptoms include heavy breathing, the fish have a heavy slime coat and appear to have round, flat parasites on them. This protozoal disease should be treated with a fungicide/protozoacide dip/bath treatment in the water.

Next we’ll discuss how parasitic disorders affect Koi health.

When the problem is Gill Flukes, also known as Dactylogyrus, the Koi will gasp for air at the top of the pond. They also sometimes flash, rub against objects in the pond and their gills may develop bleeding. To cure this disorder you need to treat your pond water with an anti-parasitic powder. Treat secondary problems, if there are any after the flukes are gone, with an antibiotic product.

In the case of Anchor Worms, or Lernaea, your Koi will exhibit small pimples on the skin or reddened areas with a white threadlike worm sticking out. To treat Anchor Worms you need to treat your pond water with an anti-parasitic powder.

When Koi health is affected by Fish Lice (Argulus) the fish will have small, round clear to white objects stuck all over them. Your Koi will flash and scratch against objects. Again you should be treating your pond water with an anti-parasitic powder.

If your Koi are infested with Leeches you will see flat and thin brown objects stuck all over the body of your fish. As before treat your pond water with an anti-parasitic powder.

A Tapeworm infestation will cause your Koi to have swollen bellies even if they have not been fed in a couple days. While there is no suitable treatment for severe bloating you can treat for Tapeworm with an antiparasite powder.

In summary you need to be vigilant about keeping a close eye on your Koi and also be aware of what types of treatments are appropriate for different conditions. This article is not meant to replace the advice of a licensed veterinarian. It is intended for informational purposes only. If you are ever unsure about the cause and/or proper treatment of your fish, make sure to contact your veterinarian so that you can ensure optimal Koi health.

Are Your Dog Treats Recalled?

Are Colored Dyes In Your Dog’s Treats?

Read the label when you are buying treats. There is no reason for any pet products to have colored dyes in their products. The only reason they are there is so they look yummy to the pet parent. Your pampered dog doesn’t care if the treat is brown, green, red or yellow. Colored dyes have dire consequences on their health, including painful deaths. Treats that are touted as healthy should have good, wholesome ingredients like antioxidants, high quality proteins and vitamins, not wheat flour, sugar and artificial colors.

Are Your Dog’s Treats Loaded With Sugar?

Sugar over load affects everyone’s attitude. Well-tempered dogs are a result of many things; training, socialization and what they eat. Just like humans, what is fed to your dog affects their over-all health which in turn affects their attitude. When you do not feel well, your attitude possibly is a little more negative than when you are at the top of your game. You want your puppies to be at the top of their game, enjoying long, healthy lives. Feeding the healthiest dog diet available includes feeding healthy treats for dogs. Treats that have no nutritional value will make your dog sick. Treats made with sugar results in obese dogs. You don’t want your children with a lot of sugar in their systems the same way you don’t want your pampered puppy’s with a lot of sugar in their systems.

Have Your Dog’s Treats Been Recalled?

Pet lovers quake at the thought of dog food recalls but many never think that treat recalls happen frequently, also. Hundreds of dogs have died because of toxic ingredients in treats. You want to feed your dog the healthiest dog diet available, which includes treats, so make sure you are only feeding healthy dog treats. Google dog treat recalls and see if your brand of treat is on the list. Google your dog treats and read the label about what is in those treats. Do not close your eyes to the real possibility that what is in their treats can be harmful to their health. Reading a label that says the treats are 100% real ingredients brings up a question. Why would the company label that unless their other products are not 100% real ingredients? What does a 100% real ingredient mean?

Spoil your dog by feeding them the safest dog food and highest quality, freshest treats that are stocked full of nutritional value. By understanding what you are feeding in food and treats, you are giving your loved dogs the chance to live long and healthy lives. You will see amazing results. Your pampered puppies will have a shiner coats, clearer eyes and stronger muscles, which affects their joints and over-all health.

Baby Health Tips For New Parents

When you are a first time parent, being responsible for another human being is a fairly daunting prospect! It is difficult to know when you are just being a slightly over protective parent and when you really do need to call in medical assistance for your baby. If your baby is very ill and has difficulty in breathing has a very high temperature, is vomiting or defecating excessively, having convulsions or passing blood then you certainly need to call a doctor. Similarly if he is weak and has no energy you may wish to check with a professional. However, in most cases you will be able to simply treat minor problems yourself. Here are a few of the most common baby health issues and tips about treating them.

Caring For A Newborns Umbilical Cord

When your baby comes home, he will still have a part of the umbilical cord attached to his belly button. This will all off within a few weeks. However, it can become infected so until it does drop off you should take care to keep it clean and dry. It is recommended that you gently dab the area once or twice a day with some alcohol on a cotton swab. It is also important to make sure that the baby’s diaper is below the cord so that it is not rubbed or wet with urine. In the event that the cord becomes red and irritated or bleeds and leaks a foul smelling pus, you should contact your baby’s health provider. In the first few weeks this will likely be your midwife.

Preventing And Treating Diaper Rash

It is possible to prevent diaper rash all together by changing your baby’s diaper frequently and washing her bottom with soap and warm water between changes. However, if the skin does become irritated you can apply zinc oxide paste to the affected area. It can also be useful to leave baby uncovered for a few hours each day to let her bottom enjoy fresh air. Do not forget to put some towels underneath her to catch any accidents!

Treating Colic

Colic can be one of the most frustrating issues far both parents and babies. It is severe pain caused by wind, and can only really be soothed until it passes. You should ensure that all other needs are taken care of before assuming that it is colic causing baby to cry. Is he wet, hot, lonely or tired? If you are sure it is colic there are a number of ways to calm the pain. Try holding baby stomach down across your lap and rubbing his back. You may also wish to add a gentle rocking motion. Sometimes pushing the baby in a stroller can sooth them. If colic is frequent then consider swapping baby’s diet.