Are Your Dog Treats Recalled?

Are Colored Dyes In Your Dog’s Treats?

Read the label when you are buying treats. There is no reason for any pet products to have colored dyes in their products. The only reason they are there is so they look yummy to the pet parent. Your pampered dog doesn’t care if the treat is brown, green, red or yellow. Colored dyes have dire consequences on their health, including painful deaths. Treats that are touted as healthy should have good, wholesome ingredients like antioxidants, high quality proteins and vitamins, not wheat flour, sugar and artificial colors.

Are Your Dog’s Treats Loaded With Sugar?

Sugar over load affects everyone’s attitude. Well-tempered dogs are a result of many things; training, socialization and what they eat. Just like humans, what is fed to your dog affects their over-all health which in turn affects their attitude. When you do not feel well, your attitude possibly is a little more negative than when you are at the top of your game. You want your puppies to be at the top of their game, enjoying long, healthy lives. Feeding the healthiest dog diet available includes feeding healthy treats for dogs. Treats that have no nutritional value will make your dog sick. Treats made with sugar results in obese dogs. You don’t want your children with a lot of sugar in their systems the same way you don’t want your pampered puppy’s with a lot of sugar in their systems.

Have Your Dog’s Treats Been Recalled?

Pet lovers quake at the thought of dog food recalls but many never think that treat recalls happen frequently, also. Hundreds of dogs have died because of toxic ingredients in treats. You want to feed your dog the healthiest dog diet available, which includes treats, so make sure you are only feeding healthy dog treats. Google dog treat recalls and see if your brand of treat is on the list. Google your dog treats and read the label about what is in those treats. Do not close your eyes to the real possibility that what is in their treats can be harmful to their health. Reading a label that says the treats are 100% real ingredients brings up a question. Why would the company label that unless their other products are not 100% real ingredients? What does a 100% real ingredient mean?

Spoil your dog by feeding them the safest dog food and highest quality, freshest treats that are stocked full of nutritional value. By understanding what you are feeding in food and treats, you are giving your loved dogs the chance to live long and healthy lives. You will see amazing results. Your pampered puppies will have a shiner coats, clearer eyes and stronger muscles, which affects their joints and over-all health.