Are You Ignoring Your Dog’s Health?

The health of canine glands is generally ignored in households with dogs. But building up of secretions can lead to major problems like infection and excessive pain. If you suddenly realize that your dog has a fascination for licking the area, or ends up dragging his rear along the floor very often, there is a very high chance that your dog has gland issues. Wild animals, in general empty their respective sacs by marking their scents, something like a defense mechanism. Or maybe even like a spray of sorts. But many house pets have lost that particular ability, and the natural secretions that should build up and get clogged in the body.

Walking around the place does the trick for majority of pets in houses, but many cannot express anal glands on their own. In those cases, the glands tend to get packed and cause extreme discomfort to the pet; hence they drag their rear across the ground. This provides temporary relief. Some dogs tend to lick their anus too and others try chasing their tails, hoping that will solve their irritating problem.

There are a number of natural remedies to cleanse their area and reduce the pain and swelling that occurs. One of the best treatments is known as AnalGlandz which contains the most natural ingredients to encourage the breaking up of any clogged materials in their body.

It is also beneficial to learn how to express anal glands. This is very simple and can be done by the owner to relieve the pain the dog is going through. This involves holding a cloth to the area and squeezing the glands.

This method of treating the problem is to put in a lubricated gloved finger into the area and try squeezing the gland between your two forefingers and repeat the process for the other glands too.

If the problem persists even after this and you cannot seem to get your dog to stop from dragging himself it is better to take him to a vet. It sometimes takes a few days before the problem goes away. If the problem still persists then it may be due to tapeworms.

For many dog owners, trying to learn how to treat anal glands is something they do not ever want to do. In these cases you can take your dog to a vet who will treat your pet completely. If the problem continues to persist for weeks then it is better to have an operation done where the glands of your dog are removed. If the problem recurs every few weeks another option is to have the anal glands removed surgically. Majority of the owners are ignorant of the problems of their dog and might think the dragging or licking is amusing. But it could end up being something very serious. Care should be taken that it is immediately looked into. After all, your pet is a living being too.